Tractor Attachments

The Most Useful Tractor Attachments

Tractor Attachments

There are few things more useful than a farmer than the tractor. It is the sheer number of tractor attachments available that make this machine so incredibly useful to work with. Tractors have been used by farmers for more than a hundred years now, and they have been continually improved during that time. It is virtually impossible to complete the same amount of work using human and animal labor. Attachments allow a farmer to single-handedly plow fields, clear away debris, and accomplish a wide variety of other tasks. Here are some of the most widely used attachments.


This devise is used in order to churn the soil and break apart any of the larger chunks left behind after plowing. This helps loosen up the soil, which is ideal for easily planting seeds.

Chisel Plow

Unlike an old fashioned plow, this does not actually churn the soil. The reason for this is that it is possible to dill deep into the ground without needing to disrupt the soil. This leaves more of the organic material near the surface of the soil where it can provide nutrients for the newest crops. This makes a farming operation more sustainable so that it can continue for a longer period of time.


This gives the farmer prices control over where they sow their seeds for the next crop. In most cases, this is attached to the tractor using a three point hitch. These are available in a wide variety of different sizes. Some of them only allow a farmer to plant two rows at a time, while others can plant as many as 48 rows at once.

Box Blade

Using this equipment, the farmer can shape the land in the way that they need to to be altered. In most cases the blade consists of a box with three sides. A scarifier on the front of the blade can be retracted so that it is only used when it is needed. Another cutting edge is located on the back side.

Flail Mower

This is used to clear away a field. It is designed to be unaffected by rocks and gravel.

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